Why Holy Shift?

Book Excerpt:

I know that in pursuit of living your best life, or a new goal, will surface new obstacles and fears at every turn. It’s just to be expected yet somehow (more often than not) we stop cold along the way. This happens because our minds are wired to “keep us safe” and ultimately try to stop you from feeling uncomfortable at any cost. That is its nature and why you keep giving up when the going gets tough.  Your transformation can be painful but trust that you’re not falling apart. You’re falling into something beautiful. Pain will break you down but know that life is a crucible you cannot escape. But as the Phoenix arose from ashes, you are experiencing a rebirth. Renewed. Rejuvenated. A Renaissance. And as we rise in love collectively, we heal. Rise above your shadows as this pain does not seek to destroy you. Pain comes in waves of healing love. As you labor in these waves you are in progression. You’re making a breakthrough. Dare I ask you to sit with your pain? Do not seek to fight it my love. You are treading the water, you are breathing amongst the break of waves of soul crushing emotions. Just don’t drown in them. Invite these emotions in, let the tears flow until you simply cannot cry anymore. Stay in your heart space and let it pass through, carrying the emotional pain with the physical pain. What a privilege it is to be gifted with this life. 

You’re climbing an infinite row of mountains, a marathon of peeks and pits. Acknowledging this pain is your pathway to peace. Breath it in and embrace it my love. Breath out resistance because the pain will break you. It will also liberate you if you choose to allow it. Pain can be the catalyst of your next level growth IF you allow it to be. Healers are the ones who have become so comfortable with their pain that they have chosen to learn from it and use it as a stepping stone to all things divine. We don’t allow our pain or the pain of the world to make us suffer. We chose to transmute it into something beautiful…a shift…A Holy Shift.

Freedom is choosing to do what you want, when you want, with who you want. It’s when your work is defined as your purpose and passion and your contribution to the world is finding a way to add value, solve problems and lead others with a servant heart. It is being financially free to allow you to circulate abundance and give at epic levels. Freedom is a feeling of choice. It feels like bliss, joy, happiness and fulfillment bottled up and ready to explode from your soul.

You simply want to GIVE more, serve more and spend more quality time and have life experiences with those you love most. THIS feeling is why the persistence through resistance was worth it. Set your standard and do not settle. Work for it.

But many feel stuck on most of the above…and I used too feel EXTREMELY STUCK…but I broke through and want nothing more than to help others do the same…so HOLY SHIFT! I wrote this fab book to help you get your shift together with me!  This is for all of you that want to embrace your badassery on a whole new level!

Holy Shift! Is Here…


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