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Lindsey Curry, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Trained Dancer, Choreographer, Entrepreneur, Thought-leader, Wife, and Mom of 5 brings decades of lessons learned that will make you laugh, cry and best of all take you to the next level of your evolution. She brings a fierce wit to topics such as fear of failure, self- acceptance and what it really means to be yourself shamelessly. She is an ember carrier that holds just the right spark to ignite your fire within. Get ready because her new book Holy Shift! is the powerful breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for!

Lindsey has been sought after for keynotes, breakout sessions, seminars, and business coaching for over a decade throughout the United States. Her highly intelligent, powerfully engaging, and  authentic presentation style brings every topic she speaks on to life in a transformational way.


  • Turning Hustle To Flow
  • Intuition Is Our Superpower
  • You Are Your Greatest Asset
  • Impact Leadership

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